Special touches that make an impression

Coastal Cove was founded in 2014 sharing our passion for truly sophisticated homewares and that special touch required for your home, or any personal space you love.

Inspiration from around the world

We source our products from around the world to make your shopping experience convenient and enjoyable. Our inspiration comes from all things coastal to make your personal areas reflect who you are and what you feel. We continually look for new and inspirational items to expand our already diverse range.

Imagination is key to creating a perfect home

We will help you explore your unique and creative style which will not only make you feel terrific, but impress those around you.

High quality and great care

Not only are our products of high quality and selected with great care, our costs are kept low to provide the most economical way to share our items with you. We deliver globally using only reputable, fast and efficient delivery services.